Opinion | Next to no progress on adjunct mistreatment one year after definitive report

The University of Cincinnati (UC) is notorious for its misaligned priorities. Over the years, administrators have consistently chosen to cut academic spending in favor of athletics, consequentially relying more and more on a pool of undervalued and overworked adjunct professors. Adjuncts make up a growing 38.4% of teaching staff and often teach similar course loads to full-time faculty.

“The unique thing about being an adjunct at UC is you are not treated equal to full-time faculty,” former adj

DoorDash Announces Local COVID-19 Restaurant Relief Grants

There’s no question that small restaurants were some of the hardest hit businesses during the pandemic, but DoorDash’s COVID-19 relief program is helping make ends meet for Cincinnati restaurants in need.

In January, the delivery service announced an expansion of their $200 million COVID-19 relief program, dubbed “Main Street Strong.” Originally, the idea was to provide $2 million in grants to small restaurants across six cities. It has since turned into $10 million projects aimed at 20 cities

Kentucky Girl Scouts Partner with Grubhub So You Can Have Cookies Delivered to Your Doorstep

When the pandemic first began, Girl Scout Cookie season got cut off in its home stretch, halting all sales much to troops’ dismay. “We had to shut down booths,” says Haleigh McGraw, the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road (GSKWR) communications and brand director. “We couldn’t be out in the public. We couldn’t go door to door.” This year, the scouts in GSKWR are ready. Cookie distribution will have a digital, contactless twist, thanks to Grubhub.

The massive overstock from last year’s stu